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The main corporate object of our company is corn-processing (milling), for which we make use of modern technology and carefully selected raw material.

From the very moment of incorporation, in 1994, we have tried to obtain high quality products at European standards. The company’s policy is clearly oriented to creating mutually profitable connections with clients, attempting to establish long-term business relations.
At the same time, we have a very well trained staff, which results into a very high labor efficiency.
The range of final corn-products is very wide: extra corn flour, degerminated, brewery grits, animal feed, germ.

Such finite products are used in the food industry for production of: beer, snacks, corn meal, alcohol, dough, feedingstuff, etc. Recently, we have initiated a cooperation with breweries to which we supply the raw material.

Along years, given the special quality and competitive price, we managed to attract famous clients, such as Rewe Romania, Selgros Cash&Carry, as well as distributing companies. Currently, our portfolio has more than 200 clients. At the same time, such large companies informed us on their intention to open outlets allover the country.

Our turnover increased every year, last year (2003) it was five times bigger than in 2002, and, according to our estimates, 2004 shall bring an increase of at least 40%.

Our forecast also relies on the very good ranking of our company, second company in the corporate top of Giurgiu district (2003) and the 6th in the national top of specialized companies according to CNIPMMR.

For such reasons, we tripled our production capacity to 60-75 T/day (2.500 - 3.000 Kg/hour) in parallel with development of our own distribution network at a national level, given the ever-growing demand for our products.

Following our development plan, we want to be present on the market allover the country, especially in the areas where our representation has not reached a satisfactory level yet.

A good example would be our future cooperation with the Penny Plus, Plus Discount and Kaufland supermarket network, which will open during this year in our country.

Also, we are very close to finalizing negotiations with the METRO supermarket networks.

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